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Posts tagged 2009/2010

Song and Dance Festival

Every 5 years a Latvian and Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival takes place in Riga. Song and dance groups from all Latvian schools participate in the competition. Best groups acquire the right to participate in this festival. This year two of our dance groups and our choir took part in the Festival.

The attractive chemistry

What is so exciting about the chemistry? Are these chemical elements or formulas useful for tests when calculating molecular weight? Our school has been being very successful in different competitions on chemistry and some of our graduates have chosen to study chemistry at Universities.

The attractive side of chemistry was presented by assoc. prof. Jānis Švirksts, the dean of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Latvia, with the help of four students.

The graduates of our school dominate in competition of Lattelecom IT

Lattelecom IT apbalvošanas ceremonija The competition of Lattelecom Technology IT means competition in programming, which is organised by Ltd. (limited company) Lattelecom Technology for students and pupils to provide opportunity show themselves in different way from other competitions. This competition is very approximate to everyday duties of programmers.

In this year our school leaver Pēteris Ņikiforovs organised the team for that competition with other school leavers Jānis Zaikovs and Laila Gutke. They got the best results and leave behind such schools like Riga State Gymnasium No.1 and LU older students.

Good achievement! Good luck for your studies and in next year competitions!