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skolas_eka_2018 Dear visitors,

We are very thankful that you have shown interest about Plavinas Regional Gymnasium.

We have more than 90 years old traditions, but at the same time our school with use of modern Information Technologies is represented as the 21st century school.

In our gymnasium we can obtain 4 state licensed programmes of education. Ending the primary stage of education our students continue the study process in our school in secondary level which prepares them for studying at higher educational establishments.

Every year our students get good results in different olympiades, study competitions, sports competitions not only on the regional level but also on the state level.

We have got good results on international level in Sports, German language, Biology and Chemistry.

Plavinas Regional Gymnasium is one of the best schools working with Information Technologies in our country.

In 2010 our headmaster Vladimirs Samohins has got an award of Science and Education Ministry for supporting our school with new ITs.

This school year 2010/2011 educational process in forms 1 – 12 started 550 pupils. Our pupils are taught by 58 highly qualified teachers. There are librarians, psycologist, social pedagogue and a nurse as well.

Many other interesting things about our school you can find in our home page. Welcome!


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We actively seek opportunities for cooperation with other countries, offering the opportunity for students to gain experience abroad: