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Conference ”Future Technologies Today”

On 30th of September at Plavinas Regional Gymnasium took place the conference ”Future Technologies Today”.

The source of this occassion can be found in London, in technology show BETT ( which was visited by the headmaster V.Samohins.

Our gymnasium organised a conference where Microsoft members and teachers from several schools met.

The goal of this conference was to stimulate the schools to talk about their expierence in usage of modern tehnologies. Practical skills not only accademical knowledge was shared. Our teachers demonstrated how they use different kinds of Technologies – document cameras, media projectors, laptops etc.

After the conference the representative of Microsoft in Latvia expressed her satisfaction about everything she had seen.

Vladimirs Samohins is rewarded with Higher Education and Science Award

On 25th of September the minister of Education and Science Tatiana Koke in the Latvian National Opera presented Education and Science Award to 30 outstanding profesionals in education.

For successful and creative work in education systems improwing educating of children and youth award received the headmaster of Plavinas Regional Gymnasium Vladimirs Samohins. He is a very good example of effective and qualitative changes at school in such a short period of time.

One of V.Samohins priorities in taking up the headmaster’s post was modernisation and effectivity which he successfully managed in a short time.

Now Plavinas Regional Gymnasium has become the best school in the country in area of communication technologies and modern information.

Students’ council in School Year 2010/2011

On 3rd September, 2010, the meeting of school parlament members was organised. It was to integrate ministry of school environment and discipline.
Members elected the council for school year 2010 / 2011:

• President of school students council – Arita Lukss
• Minister of education – Rita Lazda
• Minister of culture – Renāte Lūciņa
• Minister of sport – Kalvis Ozoliņš
• Minister of press – Adelīna Možina
• Minister of school environment and discipline – Žanete Vingre

Good luck!

Back to school

“Back to school” in pictures.

Teachers in School Year 2010 / 2011

Primary School – Inga Baginska , Kristiāna Balode, Gints Balodis, Sandra Fišmeistare, Ilona Lazda, Sarmīte Meldere, Vineta Platgalve, Ineta Reitere, Anita Cīrule, Iveta Kupča, Maija Bieriņa, Aiga Čepule, Alla Zaharovska

English – Ineta Bicāla, Valda Mičule, Jeļena Ozola, Indra Ozoliņa, Elita Freimane

Economy – Mārīte Skrabutena

Biology – Evita Valdberga, Iveta Dūmiņa

Natural Science – Evita Valdberga, Iveta Dūmiņa

Physics – Vitālijs Kuzmovs, Mārīte Kvēpa

Geography – Līga Rozenberga, Lana Ivanova, Biruta Irēna Osīte

Computer Science – Aldis Lazda, Lana Ivanova, Vineta Platgalve

Russian – Aiga Bērziņa, Rita Jakovļeva, Tatjana Starčenko, Alla Zaharovska

Cultural History – Mārīte Skrabutena

Science of History of Civilisation – Aija Rogāle, Mārīte Skrabutena

Chemistry – Māris Siliņš, Iveta Dūmiņa

Latvian and Latvian Literature – Armanda Lasmane, Velta Rulle, Silga Stučka, Ingrīda Upeniece, Laura Avotiņa, Gunta Žilde

History of Latvia and the World – Iveta Krastiņa, Mārīte Skrabutena, Gaļina Kličeva, Biruta Irēna Osīte

Mathematics – Ilze Luksa, Vija Miķelsone, Ira Ņikiforova, Anita Seikovska, Ilze Titova, Mārīte Kvēpa

Home Economics and Technologies – Ēriks Striks, Olita Onckule, Maija Bieriņa

Music – Olga Krasutina, Aiva Siliņa, Elita Freimane

Social Studies – Iveta Krastiņa, Mārīte Skrabutena, Gaļina Kličeva, Biruta Irēna Osīte

Sport – Vita Brikmane, Jānis Eiduks, Ingus Eiduks, Brigita Krauze

Graphic Art – Aija Rogāle

German – Rita Jakovļeva, Ilze Seipule

Health Study – Armanda Lasmane

Art – Aija Rogāle, Valentīna Zdanovska

Supporting staff in School Year 2010/2011

LibraryAiga Bērziņa, Silga Stučka
Working hours: every day 8.00 – 16.00

Psychologist – Dzintra Vanaga
Working hours: Tuesday, Thursday 9.00 – 16.00

Social pedagogue – Ināra Medvedeva
Working hours: every day 8.00 – 16.30, break 12.00 – 12.30

Speech therapist – Iveta Kupča
Working hours: Monday – 12.00 – 12.40
Tuesday – 12.50 – 14.20
Thursday – 12.50 – 14.20

Nurse – Benita Dzintare
Working hours: every day 8.00 – 16.00

Klašu audzinātāji 2010./2011. m.g.

1.a – Inga Baginska, 1.b – Sandra Fišmestare
2.a – Vineta Platgalve, 2.b – Gints Balodis, 2.c – Iveta Kupča
3.a – Ineta Reitere, 3.b – Kristiāna Balode
4.a – Ilona Lazda, 4.b – Sarmīte Meldere

5.a – Ineta Bicāla, 5.b – Ingrīda Upeniece
6.a – Indra Ozoliņa, 6.b – Ilze Titova
7.a – Jeļena Ozola, 7.b – Ilze Luksa
8.a – Mārīte Skrabutena, 8.b – Aija Rogāle
9.a – Rita Jakovļeva, 9.b – Velta Rulle

10.a – Iveta Krastiņa, 10.b – Aiga Bērziņa
11.a – Olita Onckule, 11.b – Vija Miķelsone
12.a – Anita Seikovska, 12.b – Silga Stučka

Affiliate of Odziena

1./2.e – Maija Bieriņa
3./4.e – Alla Zaharovska
5./6.e – Aiga Čepule
7.e – Elita Freimane
8./9.e – Valentīna Zdanovska