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The Olympic Day 2011

Olympic Day 2011 Pļaviņu novada ģimnāzijā On Friday, 30 September, Latvian Olympic Committee (LOC) organized the Olympic Day 2011 all over Latvia.

It started at 10:00 with morning exercises which were live broadcasted over the radio SWH.

At least 38000 students from 48 places and also more than several thousand Latvian residences exercised for five minutes in their workplaces and educational institutions.

The Latvian Olympic Committee granted the winners 22 tickets for a hockey match and the “Olympic” dumb – bells. All classes of our school competed at 12 stations in different kind of sport activities: basketball (foul shots), handball and football (shots into the goal), relay race and some other activities.

The overall results of the classes were evaluated as well as their organization and presentation. Four classes – 2b, 6b, 10 and 11b had the same results. The winner was decided by lot. It was the 11b class!

Thanks to all members of the Olympic Day for their Olympic Games spirit and ardour!

Aija Rogale – the laureate of the European Veterans’ athletic games

It is autumn in Latvia but in Italy it was still a hot summer with 31degrees above zero when from 10th –20th September in the city of Ligano near the Adriatic Sea took place the European Veterans Athletic Games in many sports, athletics, triathlon, windsurfing, orienteering, karate, beach valleyball, rowing, sports dances and others. There were participated 61 nationalities, including representatives from Australia, Brazil, and other locations outside of Europe, for a total of 4108 members.

In these Competitions took part Aija Rogale, the teacher of Art, Graphic Art and Science of History of Civilisation in Plavinas Regional Gymnasium. She was representing the Latvian National team in the athletics competitions in 5000m foot racing in the Stadium and 10 km on the road race and got the bronze medal in both distances in the W40 group. Well Done!

Deins Kanepejs is between 10 Olympic torchbearer candidates.

Deins Kaņepējs

Deins Kaņepējs

From 18th August, in cooperation with Samsung, the contest was organized for the opportunity to carry the Olympic torch for the 2012 London Olympic Games torch relay.

From Latvia were nominated 338 people, among them the student of Plavinu Regional Gymnasium Deins Kanepejs from 10th class.

On 22nd September, the jury announced the 20 best candidates (10 from each sex) and Deins is among them!