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The foundation of school

In 1918 the teacher MARIA BRIMMERBERGA founded the school which was called Stukmani Brimmerberga Gymnasium (previously Plavinas was called Stukmani).
The school’s 1st address was Plavinas Daugavas Street 60. This building burnt during WWII

20th – 40th years

In 1922 the school was recalled Riga District Gymnasium.
In 1928 it was renamed Plavinas Town Gymnasium.
In 1936 a new building is build in Daugavas Street 50. In this year the school was visited by Karlis Ulmanis. Without main subjects at school was also drama, ballet, choir and gymnastics circle.
Many popular persons had worked in this school – A. Strals, V. Jakabsons, J. Norvilis and H. Vikmanis.
In 1944 the school was called Plavinas Secondary School.

50th – 60th years

In 1951 there were two secondary schools – Latvian and Russian.
Since 1953 at school is celebrated Badge’s evening (Žetonu vakars).
In 1965 was founded school’s musem.
In 1966 the new building was built and it was called Plavinas Secondary School.

Latest Times

1996/1997 The new school headmaster Victors Vasiļjevs started leading the school.
The School Rules were drawn up and adopted.
We can be proud of gold medal in the Republic Chemistry competition.
Our school students successfully took part in the Pupils’ World Ski Championship in Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland.

1997/1998 The 80th anniversary of the school was celebrated and the school history book was published. Edīte Kupca was the author of this idea and she fulfilled it. Our school got some financial help from our partner in Germany – Juris Beķeris – Kaltenkirhenes primary school principal and our cooperation started.

We all learn and work together and at the end of May we celebrate our traditional festival of Knowledge, where we thank the students and their parents and teachers for their success in different competitions.
We are proud of students who win praises in different competitions.
2001 Inese Saulīte became a heard master.

2002 President Vaira Viķe–Freiberga visited our school in November.

2003 Our school got a new name: Marija Brimmerberga Pļaviņas gymnasium.

2008/2010. The new school headmaster Vladimirs Samohins started leading the school. The school name is changed: Pļaviņas Regional Gymnasium.